Everyday Eye Makeup Hack Using One Brush | TheMakeupChair

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    Everyday Eye Makeup Hack Using One Brush | TheMakeupChair

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    For today's MondayMakeupLesson I'm going to show you how to create and every day eye make up look using just one brush.
    I've already prepped my eyelids with concealer primer and powder,
    And the eye makeup brush that I've chosen for us is the E41,
    This is a medium/small tapered brush that works on lots of different Eye shapes and it's synthetic,
    To start with you need a highlighter shade,
    There should be about the shade lighter than your natural skintone,
    Start by holding the brush is quite high up on the handle,
    This will give us a lot more control,
    You want to lay the brush horizontally against the eyelid,
    And you're using a pressing and sweeping motion,
    This will mimic the same technique is using a flat brush,
    And you want to build this highlighter up slowly,
    for the Nextep hold the brush flat against your palm,
    And use your index finger to fan out the bristles,
    Did the bristles into a little bit of the highlighter,
    And use this to go around your eyebrows,
    This is a great technique to highlight the brow bone on even if you had million other pressures to choose from,
    Next shadow you take should be at least one shade darker than your skintone.

  • everydayeyemakeuphackusingonebrush|themakeupchair