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    Our advent calendars are one of our most highly anticipated gifts each year, brimming with 24 days of cheeky surprises.

    But when you’re finished with them you don’t want to throw away the beautiful box right? Luckily we’ve got an upcycling tutorial to turn it into an awesome personalised lightbox.

    Just so you know, to do this tutorial you need to be over 16 as you’ll need to use an electric drill – but if you ask nicely an adult might help you out.
    To make this light box you will need:
    • One of our standard, deluxe or ultimate Advent Calendars
    • An electric drill
    • A cutting board
    • A pencil
    • A ruler
    • Battery operated LED Lights
    • Low VOC white spray paint
    Take out the boxes from your Advent Calendar and draw the shape you want to create on the inside of the box.

    You can do initials, shapes… anything that takes your fancy.
    Mark spots in 2cm intervals around the outline (this will be where your lights will be).

    Next, drill a hole into each mark – be very careful not to hurt yourself.

    Spray paint the box evenly and allow to dry.
    When your box has dried completely, poke a fairy light through each hole.

    Switch on and enjoy your creation.

    Have you tried any of our craft tutorials? Leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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