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Few Words About Windy Tree

I have always been fascinated by windy trees. The first one I really noticed was on the top of a hillside in Cornwall. Im not referring to trees that are being blown around by the wind. I’m talking about individual trees that are often far from any other vegetation and stand proudly alone. With the trunk on one side and the branches and leaves off to one side, almost like it is frozen in time.

I have since learned that the reason these trees grow like this is not specifically because the wind is blowing them. They are more often than not found by the sea and it is the sea salt that is carried by the wind and sticks to the prevailing side of the tree. The salt stunts the new growth. However, the tree continues to grow despite its harsh environment. The result is a beautiful tree crafted by its environment. As a lover of wind sports I enjoy traveling to new locations and finding these trees – it means its going to be WINDY!

20 years of experience

I ran my own graphics design agency for almost 10 years and it was very successful, however I found that I spent more time managing projects/ people and carrying out general admin than doing the part I love – graphic design! I have since been a freelance graphic designer for approx 10 years and have loved every minute of it.


To produce designs that that work.

Work for you, your customer and the communication.

What to expect

  • Professional
  • Punctual
  • No jargon
  • Practical solutions

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Richard Ford
Richard Ford

Graphic Designer

I grew up in Bristol and went to university in Southampton. I have always loved the outdoors, in particular the water and now I am lucky enough to live near one of the best wind and kite surf beaches in the UK on the south coast. Our family are all active and we have 3 boys that share the same passions. If you would like to meet up and discuss your next project we can have any form of board meeting you like… skate, surf, kite, snow… you decide. Call me any time.

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